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We provide the necessary tools to build upon your therapy team's resources to achieve optimum brain functionality. Brainxcite is a program created to partner with the caregiver through the recovery journey of their loved one. It is composed of four phases. Each phase plays a vital role in the recovery process. Below you will find a journey diagram illustrating each phase and the resources utilized.


PHASE 1: (Waking Up)

This phase begins the first step of the journey to recovery by using the Brainxcite CareBag’s resources and reintroducing the survivor to the world around them.


PHASE 2: (The ‘Light-bulb’ Moment)

This phase follows immediately after the ‘turning on the light-bulb’ experience. It consists of basic reading, thinking and hand/eye coordination skills.


PHASE 3: (Active Recovery)

This phase contributes to the advanced development of critical thinking, fine motor skills, problem solving, organization skills and memory.


PHASE 4: (Community Re-entry)

This phase enhances the development toward independence and a successful future.

Our CareBag

Our CareBags include the following resources: Games, pencils, pens, writing tablets, matching games and cards, wide lined tablets, flash cards (numbers and letters), pick up styx or colored straws, picture books, a soft ball or toy the patient can squeeze, coloring books and crayons. These resources help aid in the support of your caregiver and clinical support team.


Our Services


An online platform to challenge the brain with games targeted to improve memory, vocabulary, math skills, flexibility, attention, speed of processing and problem solving.


Camp Sunrise/Make Promises Happen: 

Make Promises Happen is a program dedicated to providing outdoor recreational opportunities for individuals with special needs. Camp Sunrise specifically serves individuals, ages 18 and older, with a TBI disability. Through the support of volunteer medical staff, campers leave limitations behind and enjoy fishing, boating, arts & crafts, swimming, archery, dances, talent shows and much more during MPH camp events.


Cognitive Retraining:

Brainxcite has partnered with Michelle Eskew (Speech Language Pathologist) to create a program that integrates TBI champions back into society. This program is tailored to address each individual’s specific needs based on a personal profile assessment facilitated by Ms. Eskew.



Brainxcite has partnered with Jerad Johnson (a specialized trainer to brain injury survivors) to create individual fitness programs for TBI champions designed to ignite new brain pathways.

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