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Brainxcite provides free services to those whose lives are affected by traumatic brain injury within the state of Oklahoma. Brainxcite works with local hospitals to provide Brain Injury CareBags and education to families who have a loved one admitted into ICU, trauma unit or Jim Thorpe rehab centers with any form of brain injury. We also provide gas and meal cards for out of town caregivers.

The Executive Team at Brainxcite provides leadership and strategy to our staff, working every day to ensure that our mission moves forward.

Our Mission

Brainxcite was born of a mother whose son has been affected by traumatic brain injury . Through this family’s journey, they have discovered that a TBI is a marathon and not a sprint . We are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of all TBI survivors and their families.

Our Mission

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to be the extension of innovative TBI therapy.  We provide the necessary tools that will build upon your therapy team's resources to achieve optimum brain functionality. Brainxcite is a program created to partner with the survivor and their caregiver throughout the recovery journey.

We Need Your Support Today!

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